appkit Advanced data applications in minutes

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Not just scaffolding. Ready out of the box.

AppKit is a framework built, ontop of rails, to generate data flow applications quickly and easily. It abstracts common code to a simple DSL, Eliminating the need to write controllers, views, or tests.

Intelligent record filtering

Data-type aware filtering options for easily searching and finding records.

Full RESTful actions

Edit, update, create, view, and search for data and records.

User authentication

Authentication and user management automatically integrated.


Easily override existing functionality or build new functionality.

An easy DSL built for getting things up quickly

Get apps up and running in minutes with only a few lines of code.

AppKit.register Invoice do
  show_in_navigation true

  icon 'list'
  field :invoice_number, editable: false
  field :customer_id
  field :invoice_total, editable: false, :formatter => :currency
  field :invoice_date, :formatter => :date
  field :paid, show_in_table: false
  field :published, show_in_table: false

Checkout the tutorial

A quick tutorial to get an app running.


View the documentation and refference.

Get the code

Get the sourcecode from Github.

Track and investigate record changes

Record auditing allows you to track changes to data and see who made them.

Record changes and history

Enable history tracking for any model and AppKit's interface will automaitcally allow you to see any changes to that record and view it as it was at that time. Each iteration of the record is independently stored for auditing purposes.

Track user actions

Activity tracking is enabled for all history tracked resources. You can easily see the activity of any user to audit what they changed and when.